Seinäjoki Region Animal Welfare Association, or more familiarly SSESY.

We work to improve the status of animals and we are building a more animal-friendly society where animals are treated with dignity. We operate in South Ostrobothnia in 13 municipalities.

In 2018, we found a new home for 128 animals, and at the end of the year we still had about 100 inhabitants living in our foster homes.


The Seinäjoki Region Animal Welfare Association is a member of the Finnish Federation for Animal Welfare Associations.

The core and heart of our operation are the foster homes. They are crucial for our animal welfare work, since our association does not have separate facilities for the animals that are found.

Most of the time and work goes towards animals that have become homeless for one reason or another. Our association receives hundreds of animals every year, most of which are cats. We also receive dogs and rabbits from time to time. Animals are housed in the association's foster homes, and we search for a new home for them. Before adoption, we will treat all the animals in a veterinarian (vaccinations, deworming, security chips and sterilization/castration for cats).

We also regularly organize various events. Cat shows for the homeless cats, dog marches, match shows, and donation days organized in collaboration with local animal food stores are already traditions. During world animal week, we usually organize small events in Seinäjoki.

Kissanpentu Samu kellii rennosti sijaiskodin sohvalla, eikä kamera ei pelota yhtään.
Mauri was found starving in Seinäjoki and fur all tangled. He had been been fed for a long time in the yard, but was still really timid. Once he moved indoors, the initial shock subsided very quickly. This charming furball got its own home from a family where it became the center of attention of the children he loves very much.
Miina and Ruuti, who had been retrieved from the peat bucket of the abandoned barn, got a home together.