Foster homes

The core and heart of our operation are the foster homes. They are crucial for our animal welfare work, since our association does not have separate facilities for the animals that are found. All of the association's homeless animals live as family members in ordinary homes until their own permanent home is found.

As our activities have become better known to the public, also the number of homeless animals coming to the association has multiplied. So we're in constant shortage of foster homes, and unfortunately we often have to refuse to take in a homeless animal these days - we simply don't have enough room!

Thus, we are in constant need of new foster homes in the Southern Ostrobothnia region in order to rescue as many animals in need as possible. If you would like to offer a foster home for homeless animals, please don't hesitate to contact us! Mainly we need foster homes for cats, but also for dogs and sometimes for other animals, in example rabbits.

Offering a foster home does not cost you anything - SSESY pays for the animal's food, cat litter, medical and other expenses. You do not have to be a certified cat breeder to manage - love and a desire to help is enough. Your foster contact person and other association staff are there to help and support you, and other foster homes give you constant peer support. We are a nice and relaxed group and we try to arrange meetings and other fun activities for the volunteers at least twice a year.

However, the greatest benefits of offering a foster home are those moments with a homeless animal, when you realize you've actually saved that small yet precious life. A grateful look on that little furball, growing trust and happy purring...


For more information about foster homes you can email us at

Innu only lived in his foster home for a short time before finding a permanent home. On average cats stay in foster homes for 3-4 months.
Tirppa suffered from separation anxiety and while in foster home he learned about staying home alone among other things. Every year approximately ten dogs end up into our care.
Pertti was found outside in winter. Every year our association takes a few rabbits in.