Adoption terms

Adoption fees

The agreed adoption fee is paid to the association either in cash when retrieving the animal or to our account FI50 4108 0010 6151 62, and a receipt must be presented. We don't give away animals into debt. Adoption fees are not refunded if the animal returns to the association after the trial period.

  • Adult cat 180 € - two adult cats 350€
  • Kitten 230 € - two kittens 450€
  • The price of dogs is always case-specific.
  • The price of other animals is also case-specific.

Medical operations

Cats are vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, sterilized and FiV/FeLV-tested.
Dogs are vaccinated, dewormed and chipped.
Other animals have appropriate animal treatment measures done.

The chipping

Ssesy identifies animals with security chips and chips are registered.

When the microchip pet information is exported to the Turvasiru web service, the pet will get the best possible security. If the pet involved in the Turvasiru service disappears from the owner, the animal protection authorities can immediately find out the owner's information and contact them using this identification number. The service works on the Internet 24/7. The chip is registered to the owner's name. As an additional safeguard against loss, information of the Animal Protection Association of Seinäjoki Region can also be found in the additional information of the chip.


What we expect from the new owner

Naturally, the animal must be treated in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations. If the representative of the association states that the animal is left without proper and adequate treatment (eg untreated diseases or other treatment failure), the animal will immediately return to the association free of charge.

The association is authorized to inquire about the wellbeing of the animal and monitor its adaptation to the new home, even by visiting if seen necessary. In case of disappearance and problems, contact the association immediately.

Animals taken from an association must not be used in breeding.

Cats will only be handed over to live as indoor cats unless otherwise agreed.

The animal must not be given to a third party without the association's consent, and must not be euthanized if not necessary for the animals wellbeing. In case animal needs a new home, the association will look for a new home for the animal.


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